And I thought you should know about it.
His persona created a pathway for many others to follow. He made it a thing for Nigerian films to have a silly, often unrealistic character who provided…
Born in Sapele, Nigeria, Anonmuogharan Emuakpor inspired one of the Beatles' biggest hits and was never credited for it.
This podcast is aimed at exploring his life and times, focusing on his creation of the music genre, challenges, successes, themes, death and legacy.
Hello there. It’s Jide. I’m emailing you because we finally have a release date for the book and you can pre-order now. I’m really excited to share with…
It is time for musicians to now embrace that “protester “role and further amplify the message. This movement of ours needs to be similarly properly…
True Hip Hop heads would know the five pillars of the art are B’boying (dance), MCing (rapping) Graffiti, DJing and Beatboxing (vocal percussions). It…
Salawa knew she wanted to be like the stars she heard on radio but her childlike mind could not even fathom how that was going to happen. Nobody could…
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